“The road to recovery is the road to life.”

(Bessel Van der Kolk)


What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling involves exploring effective ways to remedy more immediate issues that may be effecting us. Working together in a supportive environment, counselling provides the client with the tools to find resolution.  Collaboratively deciding on strategies that can be used to overcome anxiety, stress, loneliness etc.  Counselling helps us to recover a feeling of power/control over our emotions and well being leading to more effective self leadership.

Psychotherapy is taking a deeper look at how the past may be influencing and possibly restricting present day living.  Childhood or adult experiences can have a lasting effects on us, resulting in certain behaviours or ways of being which may not be helpful to us as adults.   The client becomes actively involved in their own healing process, facilitating effective change and healthier ways of being.

                       “Only the present moment is real”    (Thich Nhat Hanh)


About Teresa

My Background:

I have been living in the Bandon area for the past 12 years. Eight years ago, seeing my three children getting ready to spread their wings, I decided to return to college and study an area that has always held my interest, human behaviour. I qualified in 2016 with BA(Hons) Degree in “Counselling and Psychotherapy”. I went on to set up my practice in Bandon. Volunteering as a Therapist for ARC House has also been an important and rewarding part of my work to date.

I was born in London but spent most of my formative years in Mayo. I left again in 1988 and returned to London. 20 years later I relocated to Cork with a few different stops along the way.

Working through my own issues to better my life and live as best as I can to the full, whilst also trying to be the best parent I could started off as my motivation. I have found understanding my own story a rewarding and life changing process and a journey that I am still on. I find my work as therapist and the continued learning that is required by the IACP means I am always growing and able to do what I find fulfilling.

Other relevant qualifications which I feel compliment/enhance my practice are:

-Diploma in “Svastha” Yoga Teaching  (Singapore).

-Reiki: Level 1 and 2  (Singapore).

My approach:

Coming to therapy for the first time can be challenging and so my  aim is to provide a safe, secure, confidential, supportive space  for the client to explore whatever the issue is that has brought them. Through awareness, change and healing, the client becomes freer to choose behaviours that lead to better personal outcomes and create lasting changes for themselves and in their relationships. I respond to each client as a unique individual with a unique set of issues.  Working together we decide on the goals of the therapy. I am careful to only take the client where they are comfortable or have requested to go.

As an Integrative Humanistic Therapist, I draw on a number of methodologies in my work with clients, including Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Person Centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Internal Family Systems. I  believe attachment can be a very helpful lens through which to gain understanding of ourselves.  Mindfulness is an important tool for developing self awareness and promoting regulation.

Therapy facilitates positive change, improves people’s lives and creates space for personal growth and development leading to greater fulfillment.

“Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes.”

(Carl Yung)






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Teresa Conway

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